Studio Activity

6 x 6 Series

This is the beginning of a new collection of work measuring 6 x 6 inches.


Where it all happens! Watch this space to see how my prints develop …



A screen is made by tightly stretching a fine mesh material over a frame. Areas of the mesh are blocked with a stencil, and then a squeegee is used to pull ink through the unblocked areas. There are several ways to create a stencil however I favour hand-cut paper.  

After attaching the stencil to the screen, it’s placed on top of a dry sheet of paper. A squeegee is used to force ink through the open spaces of the screen onto the paper below. It’s then lifted away. The screen can be re-used after removing the stencil and cleaning.

Screen-printing traditionally creates a sharp-edged single colour image. I like to make multi-coloured prints, which means that the ink needs to dry and the process repeated with another screen and different coloured ink.

Paper Stencils

Drawing with a craft knife, intricate paper stencils can be cut from a light weight cartridge. This type of stencil however, has a limited life. You can successfully create editions of 50 using this method, although I prefer to make 10-20 prints as the process is both time-consuming and monotonous.



Background colours are screenprinted using torn paper stencils. I like to start with dark colours and work to light. The ink seals the paper, making subsequent layers easier to print.



I usually create small editions of identical prints, however for this series each image will differ slightly; making them monotypes. It’s exciting watching the colour build, printing light over dark. Usually I print up to 14 colours, which means a stencil is cut for each layer of colour. Only experience will inform you of how each layer will work against the last … but there are always surprises! Applying ink this way breaks all the rules as traditionally colour is printed light to dark.



Here are the first few prints in the series … more to follow!
A selection from the 6 x 6 series will feature at the Winter Group Exhibition, Fountain Fine Art, Cardiff from 8th October 2015.